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Protection for Heel Pressure Injury


Maxxcare Heel Pro Evolution

Heel pressure injuries are the second most common pressure injury in the world. Not only they are very painful, they are a very costly problem.

Pressure injuries can often be prevented and treated using pressure relief technologies.


Maxxcare designed the Heel Pro Evolution. A unique heel protector that combines excellent heel support with great comfort for the patient.



Pills crusher for patients with swallowing difficulties


Triturador de comprimidos SafeCrush

Serrano Medical Solutions was the company that drew upon itself the challenge created by the Canadian Government's Occupational Safety and Health Agency when it warned about the issue of manual tablet crushing.


The exposure of those who crush pills to toxic dust inhalation diseases as well as injuries due to crushing efforts repeated daily, in addition to the obvious benefit of patients with swallowing difficulties or tube feeding, are the reasons for the development of SafeCrush.SafeCrush.