Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology


Cardiac Contratility Modulation


Optimizer Smart

Implantable device for the treatment of heart failure by Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM).


The Optimizer Smart, device from Impulse Dynamics, was developed for the treatment of moderate to severe heart failure. The Smart Optimizer measures the heart intrinsic activity and delivers electrical impulses during the ventricular absolute refractory period which are therefore non-excitatory impulses.


CCM triggers physiological processes between myocardial cells, increasing calcium availability, thus improving cardiac performance.



Side Branch Bifurcations Stent


Tryton Side Branch Stent

Tryton Side Branch Stent, is Tryton Medical, a stent stent specifically designed to actively treat and protect all bifurcation lesions, offering ease of implantation and complete integration with allstents to be placed in the main vessels.



Medium and long-term non-invasive cardiac monitoring system (Holter)


Nuubo Wearable ECG

The Nuubo platform, being a holter system, has the great advantage of allowing continuous ECG capture for longer periods than traditional holter systems or the latest patch systems.


The system is made up of two wireless, dockable elements, a recorder and a Nuubo Wearable textile vest with built-in electrodes for patient comfort.


This platform is completed with Leonardo reading software. Leonardo.



Device for Atrial Fibrillation detection



MyDiagnostick makes Atrial Fibrillation detection easy and simple.


In 60 seconds, it detects if the patient is in AF!


You can always connect MyDiagnostick to a computer and complete the diagnosis by viewing the high-quality ECG generated by the device.



Tilt test – Monitor and Table Set


Teste de Tilt

Through a commercial partnership with the Portuguese company SpaceMedical, which is the distributor of the CNSystems brand to the Portuguese market, NovaMedical promotes the Tilt Test Set composed of Task Force® Monitor Touch and Tilt Test Table.