Air Purifiers


LightAir IonFlow Signature air purifier


The IonFlow Signature air purifier inhibits viruses and cleans the air of harmful particles - fine, ultrafine and nanoparticles, managing to retain particles as tiny as a diameter of 0.007 µm (0.007 micrometer) - using the exclusive technology patented by LightAir.


LightAir IonFlow Signature


IonFlow Signature works by emitting millions of electrons, thus negatively charging particles in the air and inhibiting viruses while they are still in suspension. As the collector is positively charged, particles with negative electrical charge are attracted to the collector as if it were a magnet, thus being removed from the air.





The sophisticated IonFlow Signature from LightAir has an exclusive and award-winning design and incorporates the brand's promise of ensuring "cleaner and healthier air". Ideal for areas up to 50-60 m2.



Cleaner and healthier air



LightAir CellFlow PRO900 air purifier


The CellFlow PRO900 air purifier is the LightAir solution for sustainability in professional air purification.


LightAir CellFlow PRO900


The CellFlow PRO900 is designed for large professional environments, where each unit covers an area of ​​80 to 100 m2 and combines exclusive air ionization technology with a patented, high-efficiency electrostatic filter.


This air purifier removes harmful particles down to less than 0.1 µm (0.1 micrometer), which is a unique performance for a filter air purifier. Even the best HEPA filter cannot match this.


In addition, CellFlow is quieter and saves more energy than most other air purifiers in its class. The CellFlow PRO900 air purifier comes with a remote control and an electrostatic filter with a lifetime of 18 months. CellFlow PRO900 can be placed on the floor or installed on the ceiling.



Cleaner and healthier air



LightAir CellFlow Mini air purifier


The CellFlow Mini air purifier is the latest innovative solution from LightAir.


LightAir CellFlow Mini


CellFlow Mini is designed to clean the air of the most common pollutants in small spaces, such as bedrooms.


The CellFlow Mini has a compact design for easy placement at home and is small enough to take on the road.


Combined with its very low noise level, the CellFlow Mini guarantees a perfect night's sleep - free from pollutants - no matter where you are. Ideal for areas up to 20 m2.



Cleaner and healthier air